Consumers continue to turn to the Internet more and more frequently for research and for making purchases. Take advantage of this shopping trend, and add to your bottom line, by offering an eCommerce website for your customers to do their shopping.
Orgill can help. The Integrated eCommerce program streamlines the process for setting up and maintaining sites which can be customized for stores of many sizes and types, with any sort of retail
format or product selection.
With the Integrated eCommerce program, you can:
  • Display real-time item information, including your store’s prices and on-hand quantities
  • Include ALL the products you carry—not just items you purchase from Orgill!
  • Integrate with your store’s POS system
  • Offer your customers options for delivery, including pickup in store, ship to store, or ship to home
Get where your customers are, and increase sales even when your local retail store is closed for the evening. Ask about our Integrated eCommerce experience today!
Helping a customer using a laptop
Helping a customer using a laptop

A Partner in Technology
Orgill has partnered with Unilog, an ecommerce and content services company. Orgill and Unilog will create the rich quality product data that you need to showcase all of the products you carry.
On the back end, you have a shared pool of product data, a range of pickup and shipping methods, a program that works with your POS, a user-friendly checkout system and full strategic and technical support from Unilog.
  • Hardware Store
  • Home Center
  • Pro Lumberyard
  • Farm Store
  • Big Box
  • Paint Store
When you build your site, you can use a ready-made template, or you may choose to create your own customized version. You’ll be provided with all the tools you need. You can work with Unilog’s creative team to build the site, or you can get assistance from Orgill.
Rich and Accurate Product Data
Finding and researching all your products online should be easy for your customers.
Orgill’s Integrated eCommerce program allows you to showcase rich quality product data for all your items. It allows your customers to see what products they can find in stock at any of your store locations. The prices listed match your point-of-sale system, too. With one simple search, customers can compare similar products side by side and choose the one they need. At the same time, they can see how much it will cost and where they can pick it up.
Getting an eCommerce site set up and managing all the data and technology can be very expensive if you do not have the right partners.
Partnering with Orgill and Unilog can save you 50 to 85 percent compared to similar quality solutions.
Increase online hardline sales through Orgill's partnership with Unilog for a seamless, ecommerce experience. Learn More!
A glance at online shopping
A galance at online shopping

Getting Started: Requires Orgill Advantage Program.
To see how Orgill can help you build an effective eCommerce site, contact Grant Morrow at
800-347-2860, ext 6741
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