The Benefits of LED Lighting
The popularity of LED lighting continues to increase as the primary lighting option in residences and businesses alike. LED bulbs boast cooler temperatures, use less electricity and are more resistant to breakage. Furthermore, they last longer—as much as 25 times longer than an incandescent light bulb!
The cost of upgrading to LED lighting typically pays for itself within a couple of years, thanks to an immediate savings on your first energy bill! Increase your total savings by participating in an available rebate program.
More than 75 percent of the United States is currently eligible for a commercial lighting rebate program, either through their local municipality, utility company, county or state. The average net rebate is $4 per 4-foot LED tube.
LED Program-Lightbulbs
LED Program-Lightbulbs
LED Program-Lightbulbs

Types of Installation
Direct Install-No setup or wiring is required. You use quick-change bulbs that screw directly into the current ballasts.
Ballast Bypass-Simply remove the ballast and then wire the new bulbs to the line voltage. This includes an easy installation, with all materials included, and no future ballast replacement is required!
No matter the type of installation you choose, installing LED lighting will eliminate the flickering, humming and buzzing of fluorescent lighting and provide instant full brightness. Plus, LED bulbs are rated to last 50,000 hours.
Why Should You Convert Your Business to LED Lighting?
  • You can cut your energy bills by as much as 40 percent.
  • There will be little to no maintenance required for the next 10 years or more.
  • You can earn energy Star and LEED certification.
  • LED lighting offers better color rendering and quality.
  • Increase the shelf life of your products, signs and decor! LED lights do not produce UV rays, which can cause premature fading of colors in items.
Program Partners
BrightSwitch and Feit are category leaders in assisting commercial businesses in relamping their spaces with cost-saving LED technology.
Rebate Process
  1. Determine the number and type of bulbs needed so you can calculate costs, energy savings and rebates.
  2. To calculate savings, go to to enter your customer # and other information.
  3. To see if your eligible for a rebate contact Briteswitch: Randy Young - Tel: 609-945-5349 or
  4. BriteSwitch will assist in the process of completing and submitting the necessary paperwork to your local municipality, utility company, country or state to be approved for available rebates. You will be notified once your potential rebate is approved.
  5. Once you are ready to order your bulbs use program 717.
  6. Install your new lighting when it arrives, and then submit your final rebate paperwork.
  7. You should receive a check 10 to 12 weeks after submitting the paperwork.
How much can you save chart Program Partners
How much can you save chart Program Partner
How much can you save chart Program Partners
Other businesses in your area can benefit from the LED program!

To help promote and sell the LED program to companies in your area, order free customized brochures with your store logo (pay only for shipping & handling).  Contact Vern Goodner at 1-800-347-2860, Ext. 5272 or

For more information about how The LED Commercial ReLamp Program can help you, contact Amanda Morris
1-800-347-2860 EXT. 6541
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