About Us

Orgill was founded in 1847 and today is the fastest-growing independent hardware distributor in the world. The company serves retailers throughout the United States and Canada, and in more than 50 other countries. Learn more about Orgill and the advantages of becoming an Orgill customer.

Expand Your Business

If you’re ready to open a new store, Orgill has all the programs and retail services you’ll need, whether you’re a first-time retailer or you’re adding a new location to an existing business. Our experienced team has helped retailers open successful new retail operations in all types of markets. Find out more about Orgill’s new store program.

Sell Your Products Through Orgill

Orgill is always looking for vendor partners that can provide new, innovative, high-quality products to our customers. Discover how you can team up with Orgill to sell your products to retailers around the world.

Work For Orgill

As a growing company, we are always looking for motivated and energetic people to join our team and help us continue in our success. We have job opportunities in a number of fields and locations across North America. See what careers are available.